7 Essential Tips for Your Next Road Trip

outdoor outback trip roadtrip wilderness camping campfire adventureFirst things first,

if you are going on a trip of any kind make sure you are prepared. Means, think about the place you are heading and the items or tools you might need. I listed some general basics in Part 1 below. Even if you are in a hurry, please read through it since I broke it down to the very essentials.

Whether you are planning to go on your trip during the summer or winter, on land or sea, in a car, by foot, alone or with friends. Remember the following simple tips.


Part 1 – General preparation

outdoor outback trip roadtrip wilderness camping campfire adventure

Trip Planning

  • Plan your travel route
  • Know the terrain and conditions
  • Check the weather (ahead of the trip)
  • Be physically ready for the challenge ahead
  • Obtain the knowledge and skills you need before heading out
  • Know and stay within your limits

Always carry the essentials and know how to use them:


Part 2 – Avoid these (previously made) mistakes

outdoor outback trip roadtrip wilderness camping campfire adventure

1. Pick your travel buddies wisely

What I mean is don’t necessarily just go and take off with your best friend. Not all people are made for road trips. The person joining you should be somewhat independent and “mature.” I mean someone who can be social and chilled out, and is generally balanced and easy going.


2. Take it easy!

It’s not so much about getting from A to B as quickly as possible, the adventure is the ROAD. Make sure you give yourself time to free your mind, look around and realize where you are :).


3. Check your car before you start your trip!

Even if you’ve had no issues with your vehicle for a little while, just trust me—give it a good check over. The worst thing is taking off for a trip and a couple of days down the road you get stuck somewhere. That happened to me once and it was quite unfortunate. Check at least the basics: air pressure, oil, brakes :).


4. Bring enough music with you!

Being on the road and driving for hours can be tiring, music helps to keep you motivated and happy. I would recommend getting Spotify and pre-downloading some of your favourite tracks and playlists. Check out my other post about most essential road trip apps to get before you start your tour.


5. Be spontaneous!

The best thing about a road trip? Being able to find the unknown, whether it’s an abandoned gas station, interesting rock formation, or meeting new and interesting people. The plan is no plan, you are on the road buddy, that’s your adventure ;).


6. Go offline!

Yes, turn off your phone; grab your map, ask people, read road signs and find your way! You will be surprised what a different experience it is to not stare at your screen all the time. And if you get lost, don’t worry. Just ask someone where you are and how to get back on track.


7. Never regret!

If you get tired, if you get lonely or if you start asking yourself why you are doing this to yourself… Just don’t! Get some music going, stop somewhere at a lookout, talk to some strangers. Trust me, you will know why you did it once you learn to enjoy the journey.


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